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Celebrating 2 Years of GCRP!

Last Monday, St Mary's De Crypt church was amassed with people celebrating GCRP's 2nd birthday.

The day was host to celebrations of our achievements over the past 2 years as well as presentations from several speakers.

Gamu Matarira started the day off with a thoughtful presentation on human connection and belonging, highlighting that loneliness, especially in the times of the pandemic, is leading to declining mental health in adults and teenagers, with 1 in 4 people having no one to talk to. This emphasises the need for connection and discovery, a key component of GCRP's work.

GWR's spokesperson, Nicola Black, presented a video, discussing the importance of Community Rail organisations and the benefit they have had on the community.

A session of interactive stands took place after the break, with stalls representing different branches of GCRP's amazing achievements so far, stalls such as:

Let's Talk Travel - a project supporting employability and educating professionals by providing information on sustainable transport and increasing travel confidence and increasing opportunities for job seekers.

A stall displaying the leisure trails based around Gloucestershire's train stations, created by the talented Ruth Hickson as well as a display of access maps, designed to help people with their personal travel choices and access needs to and from the railway stations.

A day reflecting on the 2 years worth of work has us very excited for what the next 2 years hold!

Our impact report from the past 2 years can be viewed here.

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