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Case studies spotlighting accessible destinations in Gloucestershire

GCRP, in collaboration with Inclusion Gloucestershire, conducted comprehensive access audits for twenty visitor destination attractions across the region. These audits, which included a detailed examination of accessibility from nine nearby railway stations, sought to highlight provisions for disabled people and people with protected characteristics, improve the overall visitor experience, and guide destinations in enhancing communication and marketing strategies to embrace inclusivity.


A team of seven 'Expert by Experience Assessors,' each with unique lived experiences related to physical disability, learning disability, autism, mental health conditions, and sensory impairment, utilised a framework developed by Inclusion Gloucestershire. The framework covered the entire visitor journey, ensuring a thorough evaluation from trip planning to reaching the destination and navigating within it, taking into account diverse perspectives.

Click here to read the full Access to Leisure Destinations report.

Through detailed case studies, Visit Gloucestershire and GCRP aim to showcase the innovative practices and initiatives implemented by these destinations to create an inviting environment for all visitors. The ultimate objective is to educate and inspire other destinations to assess and implement necessary adjustments, creating a more inclusive and accessible tourism landscape across Gloucestershire. 


As a result of this collaborative endeavour, Visit Gloucestershire and GCRP are pleased to spotlight the commitment to accessibility and inclusivity demonstrated by seven of these standout Gloucestershire attractions

Gloucester Cathedral: Undertaking substantial renovations to enhance accessibility.
WWT Slimbridge:
Showcasing the significant impact a dedicated working group can have when tasked with generating and responding to key customer insights. 
Dean Forest Railway:
Applying creativity and adaptability to crafting traditional authentic, accessible and inclusive experiences rooted in a nostalgic past. 
Batsford Arboretum: Implementing strategic adjustments and fostering inclusive practices near Moreton.
Mallards Pike:
Addressing the unique challenges of accessibility and inclusivity in natural settings, particularly in the middle of a forest and on water. 
St James City Farm: Demonstrating noteworthy achievements in inclusivity within budgetary constraints.
Tewkesbury Abbey:
Navigating the challenges posed by period architecture and inner-city locations, how historical sites can work within constraints to enhance accessibility. 

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