Here at Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership, we have 5 Key Aims:
  1. To contribute to the visitor experience and long-term economic sustainability of Gloucestershire.

  2. To improve accessibility to public transport.

  3. To improve the integration of transport through sustainable modes.

  4. To increase ridership profile and community involvement at all Gloucestershire's railway stations.

  5. To provide community insight to shape future proposals for rail investment and services across the county.

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Meet the team behind the Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership

Hannah McDonnell

Hannah specialises in responsible tourism,

destination management & inclusion

Sandy specialises in transport planning, integration, rail and community transport projects.

Jon Harris

Jon specialises in transport planning, accessibility, logistics and education

Polly specialises in Arts & Cultural events

specialised in inclusion,

LGBTQIA+ advocate

Steve specialises in visitor & leisure economy, supply chain, services & consumption

Faatimah focuses on connecting communities to their local railways and the carbon agenda.

Anna specialises in inclusion, employment

support, access to work

and training.

Steve Gardner-Collins
Non-Executive Director

Sandy Moller
Non-Executive Director

Polly Gannaway-Pitts

Anna Reeves
Let's Talk Travel Consultant

Faatimah Bham
Community Rail Development Officer

Our objectives align with the Department for Transport's four key pillars for community rail:
  • Providing a voice for the community.

  • Promoting sustainable and healthy travel (including getting to the station).

  • Bringing communities together and supporting diversity and inclusion.

  • Supporting social and economic development.


All Community Interest Company (CIC) activities are underpinned by a primary economic, social and wellbeing focus to benefit communities and visitors served by railway stations in Gloucestershire. The Community Rail Partnership plays a ‘glue’ role by linking communities, planning departments and transport companies together.

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