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Gloucester Placemaking

With our research showing that safety is the key focus of young people when choosing how to travel and with the closure of the underpass at Gloucester Train Station, GCRP set out to produce engaging and creative artwork through a series of youth workshops that complement the standard regulatory communications by Great Western Railway and partners whilst essential works take place, with the aim of providing a pleasurable and informative "diversion" experience for passengers and the local community. 


Led by Artist Aumairah Hassan, seven workshops engaging over 40 young people from Al-Ashraf Primary School, Al-Ashraf Secondary School, and The Friendship Café took place, where designed artworks were created that addressed the following question: "Imagine a garden at Gloucester Train Station. What elements would contribute to your sense of safety and welcome?” 


The artworks tap into the unique perspectives and insights of local youth and has helped us to gain a deeper understanding of the elements that create a safe and inviting environment for all community members, realising the importance of natural spaces in urban settings. The incredible artworks are now displayed at Gloucester Train Station - Or click here to see a short video! 

Community Consultation

As part of this project, GCRP ran a community consultation to identify and explore the views of young people, the local community and users of Gloucester station and the surrounding area. The purpose was to explore several important themes:

o How best to create a sense of safety in and around Gloucester station
o How to make the area welcoming for both the community and for visitors
o How to use the space available most effectively to engage and inspire people

Find out more about the consultation and the findings by downloading the report HERE 

Why not have a go at creating your own artwork? 

Download the PDF to create your own piece of artwork that demonstrates what you believe would contribute to a sense of safety and welcome at Gloucester Station. 

Station garden question.png
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