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We’re always looking for ways to partner with other organisations and combined forces on research. This can be really local or County-wide, and we have already teamed up with GCC, Stroud District Council and University of Gloucestershire to get engaged with our communities. 

We are very keen to work with local groups involved in access and inclusion in your local area. GCRP is linked into Inclusion Gloucestershire and is taking part in the Better Links to Transport initiative. If any local organisation would kuke us to support a local access initiative or study, please get in touch



GCRP is always looking forward, and with major new development taking place in the county, influencing the planning process is an important priority for us.


Making sure that travelling by train is an option always considered within big planning decisions, as well as ensuring sustainable transport options are provided right from the start of any new development proposal. 

We have set out a Development Prospectus, which explains to developers, consultants, local authorities and operators, how we would like to engage in the development planning process.


This covers Local Development Frameworks, Neighbourhood Plans, masterplans and individual planning applications, and sets out how we will provide independent evidence and professional input into the process. 

Download Prospectus


We have a lot of ideas in the pipeline which we will be sharing in our plan once complete. In the meantime, we are always eager to hear of new possible project ideas, so do please get in touch if you would like to discuss any ideas you may have. 

Research and Development activities are an important part of what we do.
From carrying out transport surveys and audits to commenting on planning applications and new policies, we want to work closely with public, private, and community sector organisations right across Gloucestershire.
We are always on the lookout to add value to localised and County-level projects and activities, and we work closely with the University of Gloucestershire through its tourism, geography, social science programmes, and student placements.
We have an ongoing social research programme and conduct site-specific audits and assessments in and around stations on the network. GCRP is represented on several external working groups and consultative panels, making sure that sustainable transport principles are built into plan-making and future decisions – as well as making solutions are inclusive and accessible. GCRP, as a CIC, is also equipped to bid for funding and resources on its own, or in partnership with other organisations.
Do get in touch with us if you have any projects or ideas that you would like us to get involved in!