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Access and Inclusion

At the core of our mission lies a dedication to ensuring that transport is accessible to everyone. Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership proudly champions an inclusive vision for our community, making it easier for all to sustainably access work, leisure, and nature.


Discover how Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership is committed to supporting and enabling accessible and inclusive journeys, breaking down barriers for those who might otherwise feel excluded or marginalised from rail. Explore our access maps, inclusive leisure case studies, and CrossCountry Accessibility Panel below.

Access and Connectivity Guides

Explore our access maps, designed to assist individuals with their personal travel choices to and from railway stations. We've recently introduced Access and Active Travel guides for Cam & Dursley and Brockworth, where we included local stakeholders in the process.


Click here to see our access maps.

Access to Leisure Destinations in Gloucestershire

Recognising the last-mile barriers faced by those accessing leisure destinations, GCRP commissioned Inclusion Gloucestershire to audit 20 visitor destinations' accessibility from our nine railway stations.


The objectives were as follows:

  • Clarify the level of provision for disabled individuals at each destination

  • Ensure visitors have the necessary access to information for an enjoyable experience

  • Assist local tourist destinations in enhancing their inclusivity and welcoming all visitors, including those arriving by rail


We are now working with Visit Gloucestershire to promote good practices and supporting destinations to implement the recommendations. Click below to find out more about the Access All Areas: Spotlighting Inclusivity in Gloucestershire case studies.

Access the case studies here.

CrossCountry Access Panel

GCRP independently chairs the CrossCountry Accessibility Panel, dedicated to enhancing the customer experience for passengers across the CrossCountry network. Operating under the ethos of 'nothing about us – without us,' the panel actively involves disabled individuals in its initiatives.


The panel's activities to date include:

  • Co-creating disability awareness training videos for CrossCountry staff

  • Designing the CrossCountry Passenger Assist customer experience survey

  • Advising on the allocation of the CrossCountry wider accessibility minor works budget

  • Providing insights to rail industry stakeholders on accessibility matters


The panel comprises 30 members, including experts with lived experience, rail industry stakeholders from CrossCountry, Network Rail, Community Rail Network, and independent accessibility advisors. For more information or to get involved, contact Molly at

Calm Corner Feasibility Study

GCRP conducted a feasibility study to assess opportunities for a 'calm corner' that enhances access to the Cotswold area, funded by Cotswold National Landscape. In collaboration with Mima Group, an accessible design consultancy, we researched transport-related barriers faced by disabled, neurodivergent, and multifaith individuals in accessing nature via rail. We also explored opportunities to create an inclusive space to enhance their travel experience.


The report outlines the potential to empower visitors with protected characteristics to travel safely and confidently, considering the transport accessibility gap, well-being benefits of time spent in nature, and growth in visitor attractions.


Next, we aim to explore funding opportunities to develop and create an inclusive and accessible station-based space that provides moments of calm and decompression during an end-to-end train journey.



Click here for the full report.  

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