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Train Travel Just got Easier!

Thanks to GWR and their new pay-as-you-go touch smartcard.

GWR launched its new pay-as-you-go touch smartcard on 30th August. The card can be used on all GWR, Crosscountry, and Transport for Wales trains in the PAYG travel area.

The new GWR touch smartcard makes it easier for passengers making local journeys, letting people breeze through the ticket barriers rather than having to queue in the station for a printed ticket.

Users will no longer need to buy a train ticket before jumping on a train in the pay-as-you-go travel area. You need to just touch in and touch out on yellow smartcard readers on the ticket gates or platform validators for each journey you make, and at the end of the day you’ll be charged the best walk-up fare. Should your journey be delayed, the train operator will let you know if you’re eligible for compensation.

Using the card will also give some good reductions on single journeys within the PAYG travel area.

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