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Community Rail & Destination Toolkit

Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership, along with the Travel Foundation, have developed a Toolkit aimed at presenting the opportunities for Community Rail and Destination Partnerships. The Toolkit has been presented in two targeted webinars; one for Community Rail Partnerships and the other for DMO's, with an inaugural practical innovation session planned with key stakeholders from the Cotswolds taking place in February. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, urgency of the climate crisis agenda and plans for national rail reform, 2020 became a pivotal moment for both the rail and tourism industry. The Toolkit, which can be downloaded by completing the details below, has been designed to assess the opportunities for rail in the leisure market and joint working across three stakeholder groups: Train Operating Companies (TOC's), Community Rail Partnerships (CRPs) and the visitor economy (principally via Destination Management Organisations - DMO's). 

Research findings and recommendations demonstrate the potential for Community Rail to act as a lynch pin stimulating meaningful shift to sustainable transport for the leisure and tourism sector. 

Here's what Rebecca Armstrong, Sustainable Tourism Specialist, at the Travel Foundation had to say about the toolkit

“This toolkit is a first step to unlocking the many opportunities for leisure travel, helping to strengthen local economies and achieve sustainability goals. It also highlights new models for collaboration that can support community rail partnerships and destinations to enhance value for customers, as well as connecting visitors to different parts of the destination.” 

Want to know more? 

In order to share these learnings and drive forward connected working between organisations, we are sharing the webinar recordings; accessed by the links below.


Interested in a facilitated innovation session?

Our innovation sessions aim to take the learnings from the Toolkit into the real world and empower DMO's and CRPs to take action towards working together to develop the 'rail to leisure' market whilst considering localised sustainability objectives. 

For any organisations interested in the facilitation of an Innovation session, please contact us at 

Watch the DMO webinar. 

Watch the CRP webinar. 

Complete the form below to download the toolkit. 

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