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Celebrating women in rail on International Women’s Day 2023

Here at Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership (GCRP), we support inclusion and diversity at its very core - as an employer and community partner. Our team actively promotes the voices of those under-represented in the community and the rail industry, playing an active role in conversations around equality. Since its founding in 2020, GCRP has nurtured a culture where people harness their individuality to go on to build meaningful and impactful careers in rail, influencing wider societal change.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we hear from some of our female members of the team to find out what working for GCRP means to them.

Hannah – Executive Director

I am so proud to be working with such a smart and dedicated core team of women who are truly committed to community representation, local benefit and the climate agenda no matter what the challenges.

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with!

Molly – Access and Inclusion Lead

It's fantastic working with an inspiring and creative team of women who each bring a breadth of experience to our work and are committed to our GCRP aims. Despite challenges facing the industry, the passion and determination of our team and the wider Community Rail Network gives me hope for a more sustainable future.

Helen – Head of Marketing and Communications

For me, working at GCRP has been a fantastic opportunity to work with a group of incredibly talented people within a core team of women who really support each other. Joining a community rail partnership and non-profit where so many great things are happening all the time is amazing! I’m grateful to have that kind of balance, working with like-minded and professional but also supportive and fun women.

Alayne - Community Rail Development Officer

I'm so proud to be working with a team of smart, powerful women who challenge inequality, advocate for their local community, and push for positive change every day.

Faatimah - Community Rail Development Officer

I joined GCRP in July 2021 as the first and only Community Rail Development Officer. Since then, we've grown to include a team of amazing women who consider community rail solutions to environmental and social issues from a human perspective. Being able to talk through projects with this team means a lot to me - it is very different to working from home through COVID- and encourages me to seek ideas that are not only environmentally friendly but also engage people’s imagination to adapt everyday habits to become more sustainable, in a way that is suitable to individual and community needs.

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